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Salsa Shine

Salsa Shine

Salsa moves are some of the sexiest dance moves out there! While all of the latin styles embody that secy rhythm and grace it is Salsa Dancing that captures the sensuality and grace like no other.

Nothing is more impressive than watching a couple that not only has the rhythm and their salsa moves down, but also add that flair and styling of double taps, shines, and ladies styling.

Here are a few simple Sexy Shines  and Styling you can add to you your salsa moves.

Salsa Shines

  • This is the moment you break away from your partner and highlight your solo salsa moves. Now is the time to show off all of those flashy salsa steps and styling you have been holding back. If you are new to salsa shines try some basics you’ve already mastered. A simple side basic into a left and then right hand turn back to side basic is a great start.

    Try a shoulder shake as you do your basic where you continue on count but move your shoulders alternately forward and back. There is nothing sexier as a lady doing this move and as a guy you would be surprised how many women LOVE it when you do it.

    As you learn more try adding a suzie q step or for a bit more challenge try adding a tap step on counts 4 and 8 (LA Style On1). This is your time to shine!

Salsa Styling

  • You have your repertoire of salsa patterns and salsa steps, now it is time to add some flair to your dancing. Styling is the extra movement from kicks, back steps, and shakes to intricate dance movements all done in the time it would take to do your normal moves like a Cross Body Lead or Copa.

    The most important thing to remember is to not let your styling interfere with the timing or what your partner needs to do.

    Start off just exploring in some of the basic steps where you can put in a double tap of your foot or a small stylish kick. Try alternately taking a step behind your right foot on 1 with a cross body lead, then you are already are out of the way as you finish the first three counts.

    Practice a body roll in open position as your partner steps back and finish it off with a shoulder shake as you come in for closed position again.

    The possibilities are endless and there are tons of great videos out there to give you ideas.

Hand Shines

  • Ladies styling is one of the easiest way to distinguish yourself from the beginner. A woman who knows how to do some basic hand shines really stands out on the dance floor.

    Start with a simple one that will make your inside turns easier. Whenever the leader does a left hand turn your hand has to go back up to his shoulder. Be ready by raising your right hand every single time that left turn comes. Practice by yourself in front of a mirror; by keeping your elbow close to your body raise your hand and arm as if it we going through a ring right at ear level.

    To add some more flair, reach over with your elbow up to your left temple and move your hand back as if you were gathering a pony tail and flick it as your hand goes back up in the air.

What keeps me coming back, class after class, dance party after dance party, is the style that salsa embodies. I watch good salsa dancers and see such an amazing balance of masculine and feminine charm.

Flashy patterns and intricate steps are impressive but not if you are off beat and forcing it. Basic sexy salsa styling, salsa shines, hand shines, and flair will make the simple salsa moves you already know come alive and set your dancing apart!

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